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Here is another great book for your consideration. It is clear and well-written. This is one of my favorite textbooks. I often use it when I teach intro to stats classes. Any edition is good.

Read the whole thing like a novel and then go back and focus on area you find particularly interesting.





Essentials of Statistics for the Behvioral Science
     Chapter 1: Intro To Statistics
          See Day 1: Measurement
     Chapter 2: Frequency Distributions
           See Day 1: Measurement
     Chapter 3: Central Tendency
          See Day 2: Central Tendency
     Chapter 4: Variability
          See Day 3: Dispersion
     Chapter 5: z-Scores: Location of Scores and Standard Distributions
          See Day 4: z scores
     Chapter 6: Probability
          See Day 7: Probability
     Chapter 7: Probability And Samples: The Distribution Of Sample Means
          See Day 7: Probability
     Chapter 8: Introduction To Hypothesis Testing
     Chapter 9: Introduction To The t Statistics
          See Day 8: Independent t-Test
     Chapter 10: The t Test For Two Independent Means
          See Day 8: Independent t-Test
     Chapter 11: The t Test For Two Related Samples
     Chapter 12: Estimation
     Chapter 13: Introduction To Analysis Of Variances
          See Day 9: One-way ANOVA
     Chapter 14: Repeated Measures And Two-Factor Analysis
     Chapter 15: Correlation And Regression
          See Day 5: Correlation
          See Day 6: Regression
     Chapter 16: The Chi-Square Statistic: Tests
     Appendix A: Basic Mathematics Review
     Appendix B: Statistical Tables
     Appendix C: Solutions For Odd-Numbered Problems In The Text
     Appendix D: General Instructions For Using SPSS


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