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There are two ways to calculate this popularity.

First, the mode may be found by sorting the scores and selecting the one most frequently given.

The mode of this distribution is 5:


Second, and more practical in a distribution of many scores, the mode is the highest point on a frequency distribution. If a frequency distribution is accurately drawn, both approaches will yield the same result.

In this case, there is one person who scored 2. Three who scored 5. One who scored, 9. And one who scored 11. So the highest point of this graph (histogram) is the mode.


When we make a distribution, the scores are arranged from left to right, with the lowest scores on the left and the highest scores on the right. When everyone has the same score, the distribution is a straight horizontal line. When more than one person has the same score, the scores are stacked vertically. Consequently, a distribution where everyone had the same score would be represented by a straight vertical line.

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