Day 2: Central Tendency

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The goal is to find a way to summarize a large group of numbers. One part of that process is to find a group’s representative. We want one number that will tell us about the entire group. There are 3 basic choices: mean, median and mode. The mean is hypothetical average person. The median is the middle-most person. The mode is the most popular person.

   Day 2: Central Tendency
   A Bit More About Central Tendency
   Even More About Central Tendency
   More Examples
      More Mean Examples

      More Median Examples
      Median Is Middle Of Distribution
      More Mode Examples
   Impact of Outlying Scores
      On The Mean
      On The Median
      On The Mode
   How To Calculate Central Tendency
      Calculating The Mean
      Calculating The Median
      When There’s No Middle-Most Score

      Calculating The Mode
   Formulas For Central Tendency
   Basic Facts About Central Tendency
   Audi: Lectures

   Quiz 2











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