Cartoon Guide To Statistics

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This is a popular supplemental book on statistics. The concept is a great idea. Using cartoons to illustrate concepts can make them more interesting and easier to remember.

The execution is not quite as good as the concept. There are some good illustrations but the text is not as easy to follow or understand. If you have a copy, look at the cartoons, read Gravetter & Wallnau’s textbook, and then go back and look at the cartoons again. By then all of the concepts and most of the cartoons will make sense.



Cartoon Guide To Statistics
Gonick & Smith
     Chapter 1: What Is Statistics
          See Day 1: Measurement
     Chapter 2: Data Description
          See Day 1: Measurement
          See Day 2: Central Tendency
          See Day 3: Dispersion
     Chapter 3: Probability
           See Day 7: Probability
     Chapter 4: Random Variables
     Chapter 5: A Tale Of Two Distributions
     Chapter 6: Sampling
     Chapter 7: Confidence Intervals
     Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing
     Chapter 9: Comparing Two Populations
          See Day 8: Independent t-Test
     Chapter 10: Experimental Design
          See Day 10: Advanced Procedures
     Chapter 11: Regression
          See Day 5: Correlation
          See Day 6: Regression
     Chapter 12: Conclusion


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