Day 10: Yours & Mine

October 22, 2009 by  

 Writing a theory is a great way to consolidate your ideas. There’s something about seeing it in print that helps solidify your thinking. You can see where you got it right, where it’s wrong, and where it’s merely confusing. To help you write your theory, I’ve included my own theory of personality as an example…of what not to do. 🙂

Your theory need not be complex or complete. But the process of thinking about your assumptions and writing down your conclusions can be very helpful. 

 Don’t worry that your theory is not unique. There is no requirement in life that you start from Square One. Indeed, everyone benefits from the wisdom of others. Sometimes you’ll be delighted when someone expresses just what you were thinking. Other times the greatest help seems to be from encountering ideas which are contrary to yours.

Although finding yourself in relationship to others is helpful, be sure to add your unique spin on things. No one is quite like you, so feel free to include your own impressions. As a case in point, I’ve included my theory of personality. I steal from everyone and reject everyone all at the same time. I present it as a tool for you. Use it to help develop your own thinking.

    Tangen’s Theory of Personality Intro
    Tangen”s Theoryof Personality (Part 1)
    Tangen’s Theory of Personality (Part 2)


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