Word Problems: Correlation #9

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You sell ice cream. You wonder if there is a relationship between flavors. To see if people who buy your chocolate ice cream also buy your mocha ice cream , you collect the following data from a sample of your customers (# of pints purchased).

Chocolate    Mocha
      10               10
      10                 4
        4                 5
        9                 7
      10                 1
        2                 2

What is the SS for Chocolate: ______
What is the range for Chocolate: ______
What is the SS for Mocha: ______
What is the SSxy: ______
Since you are interested in the relationship between two dependent variables, which of the following tests should you perform:

a. t-test
c. correlation
d. regression
e. multiple regression

Perform the comparison you selected in the item above. Select only the appropriate one(s). What was the result of your calculations?

a =  
b =
r =
t =
F =

Is this statistic significant (.05 alpha, 2-tailed):
Calculate the coefficient of determination:




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