Word Problems: Correlation #6

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You notice that the entire population of Vermont seems to be influenced by what they eat. It’s a small state (only six people live in it), so you include all of them in your study. You wonder if there is a relationship between anxiety and eating carrots. Consider the following ratings (10-point scale):

Anxiety     Carrots
    10              8
      7              4
      4              9
      4              8
      9              2
      2            10

What is the sum of Anxiety: _______
What is the SS of Anxiety: _______
What is the stdev. of Anxiety: _______
What is the mean of Carrots: _______
What is the SS of Carrots: _______
Since you are interested in commonality, which of the following tests should you perform:

a. t-test
c. correlation
d. regression
e. multiple regression

Perform the comparison you selected in the item above. Select only the appropriate one(s). What was the result of your calculation?

a =
b =
r =
t =
F =

What is the critical value for this statistics:
Is this statistic significant (.05 alpha, 2-tailed):




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