Day 7: Memory

January 22, 2008 by  

If learning is the encoding part of the process, memory is the decoding part. We can’t learn if we have no memory, and we can’t remember if we didn’t learn. So the area of memory looks at how memories work.

Memory is not a single system or outcome. We don’t store memeories as much as we store hints and cues. We then use those hints and cues to generate memories. Every time we remember something is a new experience. We re-collect the stored fragments but present it as a whole. We don’t store memories, we make the fresh every day.

Since we generate memories on demand, they are not as accurate as we believe. But since we have several separate systems of memory, it is the perfect solution for our needs. We don’t need to keep every detail of a scene. It is much more efficient to store iconic symbols we can use as needed.

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